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Do you a agree with this statement? Society produces criminals and then it suffers. So it's all just a game of Karma.

People who are forced to do crimes could have been saved if the society they were in was good enough to keep they from going bad.

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    Oberoi's Corner March 03, 2016
    Agreed upto 60%...........many other factors do matter as well!

The Bible is not held in the esteem it once was. Over the last 150 years, the world has drifted from its Biblical focus.

The American Bible Society releases an annual State of the Bible report and their research is persuasive in understanding the #declining influence of the Bible in Ame... read morerica.

Yet one problem remains: most are oblivious to the Bible’s basic content, meaning, and message.

" The message of the Bible is that -- even though we_are_not_what_we_should_be, God_loves_us, redeems_us, and_has_a_purpose_for_our_lives. "


Shouldn’t we show the Bible some respect by knowing about it?

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Im 20 and she is 22. I'm a little bothered by it. But I feel like she is trying make herself seem superior to me. Maybe it's just habit? I know I'm younger, but given our maturity and age difference, I feel like she could leave that word out.

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