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A platform for
Sharing opinions.

Sometimes people know the answer to a question but they want to hear other's opinion on it.

1 - Create or Join Circles(Groups)

Circle is basically a group based on a particular topic such as News, Politics, Hollywood, Bussiness etc. You can create a Circle on any topic and invite your contacts to be a part of it.

2 - Create Posts

You can create Posts within your circles. A post contains a title, optional description, Picture and options.

3 Seek or Share Opinion

You can vote on any post that appers in your Circle Feed. You will see what people in your circle are thinking about the questions being posted in the Circle.

Circle Shouts is for Everyone.

You don't have to be a reader or watch the news, you get it all in one place. One can follow "Times of India (news paper)" circle to see the news and people's opinions on Current affairs.

A way to know
What do people think?

It's for people to raise their opinion about any question/ headline/people or event within a group of people called Circle.

User Profiles

You can set up your profile and socialize with others.

Mobile Friendly

The site is designed to run on any HTML5 based browser which is present in almost all the modern smartphones.

Fast and Intuitive

We have tried to keep the UI as easy to use as possible using material design philosophy.

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